Climate Change

Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions

PSE's Greenhouse Gas Policy

A build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is gradually warming our planet, according to the scientific community. Most greenhouse-gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels for energy use. Here in Washington, transportation is the single largest source of emissions, followed by electricity generation. PSE is committed to doing its part to address this complex issue.

We support the adoption of sound public policies, preferably at the national level, to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. More specifically, we endorse the implementation of cost-effective strategies for promoting greater energy efficiency, the development of more renewable-energy resources, and the advance of electric-vehicle transportation. And we are acting on our convictions. Today we're the nation's second-largest utility producer of wind power – with significantly more in development. We're helping our customers do their part too. We have one of the country's best and most comprehensive energy-efficiency programs for helping homes and businesses reduce their energy use. And our customers get financial incentives and technical help from us to develop their own on-site renewable energy systems. In addition, we're doing our part to support the infrastructure – notably, charging stations – this region needs to make electric vehicles a central part of our transportation future.

We're taking a stand

Our Greenhouse Gas Policy Statement advocates a comprehensive national strategy for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and encouraging more investment in conservation and renewable energy. To that end, we're working closely with congressional leaders on the development of an effective, coordinated action plan capable of producing sustainable, long-term results. We're also active at the state level, including PSE representation on the state Clean Energy Leadership Council and the Governor's Climate Advisory Team, a select panel that is helping state lawmakers craft strategies to cut Washington's greenhouse-gas emissions to half of the 1990 level by 2050.

Climate change fact sheet