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Net Metering Eligibility and Guidelines

Eligible systems include solar PV, wind generators, fuel cells, small-scale hydro, and biomass. Net metered systems may be less than 1 kilowatt to 100 kilowatts. Eligible customers must receive electricity service from PSE.

Detailed generation requirements are listed in PSE's net metering tariff, Electric Schedule 150. These include safety disconnection requirements for given system capacities, harmonic distortion, and voltage variance. In addition, familiarization with PSE's meter installation standards is helpful.

Although it is tempting to install a renewable energy system yourself, there are significant potential electrical hazards associated with household electric circuits. Additionally, there is a significant amount of documentation and processes that only an experienced technician should attempt.

Enrolling in PSE's net metering program

  1. To apply, customers can use our online portal, to submit an application to create an
    online account.
  2. Obtain all the necessary building permits from your municipal building department.
  3. Complete the installation of your solar, wind or digester system.
  4. Obtain final inspection and approval from the municipality prior to PSE installing the net and production meters. It is also recommended that the system is de-energized until PSE installs the net meter to avoid billing discrepancies.
  5. PSE will dispatch technicians to inspect the system and ensure it is safe for you, your neighbors and PSE electricians.
  6. PSE will install a new net meter and/or production meter. PSE will then charge for the production meter.

Documents required for enrollment in PSE's net metering program:

It's a good idea to review the Washington State net metering and interconnection law for current code and requirement guidelines.