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​How to Participate in PSE's Multifamily New Construction Incentive Programs

The project must be in Puget Sound Energy’s natural gas and/or electric service area to be eligible for participation. The multifamily new construction program is available during design and construction, before the building is complete and ready for occupancy. Multifamily projects include apartments, townhomes, condominiums, assisted living residences and similar structures with five or more attached dwelling units. All applications are subject to PSE’s eligibility review.

  1. Submit a project application or contact the PSE program representative at the number listed below.
  2. PSE will facilitate an energy-efficiency evaluation to assess your project for energy saving opportunities. 
  3. PSE will develop an incentive proposal (based on the measures you plan to incorporate).
  4. Upon proposal acceptance, PSE will develop a grant and return to your attention.
  5. Owner will sign and return the grant agreement to PSE within 30 days.
  6. PSE will make periodic site visits during construction to verify measures are properly installed. You must provide PSE with a point of contact for scheduling site inspections.
  7. Owner will inform PSE when project is complete and provide any documentation relevant to incentive measures.
  8. PSE will conduct a final verification to confirm that all measures were installed to the program specifications.
  9. Once the verification has been completed and the incentive amounts confirmed, PSE will execute payment.

For more information e-mail Mike Fowler or call 425-456-2438 to discuss next steps in enhancing your project's bottom line with PSE’s energy-efficiency financial incentives.