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Program Highlights
2012 was the Year Of The Cow for PSE's Green Power Program
Green Power by the Numbers
Snapshots from our Champion Green Power City
Getting Greener Has a Multiplier Effect this Year on Mercer Island

Program Highlights

This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary and have enjoyed unprecedented exposure in the community. Here are some of the highlights:


Lon and Susan Swan

Installed our first home solar project for winners Lon and Susan Swan of Bellingham

Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters

Honored Olympia's Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters at Safeco Field

Jodi Brothers

Toured Qualco Energy with Jodi Brothers from the Bob Rivers Show

Field Trip

Hosted a field trip for top customer service agents from PSE's Access Center

Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Supplier

Awarded Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Supplier by REMA

2012 was the Year of the Cow for PSE's Green Power Program

This year the Green Power Program added two new biogas projects to the product portfolio: Rainer Biogas, a Farm Power project, and Edaleen Cowpower bringing the total number of dairy projects supported by Green Power to seven! With this expansion, we coined it the Year of the Cow and focused program communications to help our customers and program participants learn more about how dairy biogas makes green energy and helps local economies.

Turning Manure into Megawatts

A dairy cow produces 18 gallons of manure a day. That's a lot of fertilizer, but it's also an environmental issue. Manure can create water-polluting runoff, and it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Instead of letting that happen, a handful of Northwest alternative energy producers are addressing the problem using anaerobic manure digesters. Through the digester, methane gas is "harvested" from the manure and burned to create clean, green power. The liquids that remain are used to make an organic fertilizer free of pathogens and odor; the solids are decomposed in huge drums to create environmentally safe Grade A compost or bedding material. The process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by thousands of tons a year, helps farmers keep their dairies operating, and provides a source of energy that will not run out or pollute.

Production of Electric Power from Manure

Green Power digester 


Many of these companies got started with the help of a commitment from Puget Sound Energy to buy "cow power" on behalf of participants, like you, in our Green Power Program. Here are profiles of two of them:

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Green Power by the Numbers as of September 30, 2012

Green Power Participation

Top Cities

961 Businesses
33,096 Residents
34,057 Total
Total kilowatt hours (kWh) of green power
purchased January to September 30, 2012:
269,821,218 – up 7 percent from the
same period in 2011.
Olympia - 4191
Bellingham - 4121
Bellevue - 2167
Kirkland - 1496


2011 Green Power Portfolio*

Green Power Portfolio

 *For comparison, the current average mix of resources supplying Puget Sound Energy includes: Large Hydroelectric (50%), Coal (32%), Natural Gas (16%), Nuclear (1%), and other (1%) based on 2011 fuel mix reported to the State of Washington Office of Trade and Economic Development.


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Snapshots from our Champion Green Power City


And the winner is ...
Olympia, with 4191 Green Power members to date.

With this issue we are honoring some of our Green Power business partners in Olympia. This is the first in a series of small-business profiles from our champion Green Power communities.


Batdorf And Bronson Coffee Roasters

Batdorf & Bronson has a simple Batdorf and Bronsonformula for success: focus on excellence and sustainability. That applies to the company's business practices as well as its coffee. B & B offers certified organic and fair-trade coffee, and strives to lighten its environmental footprint through the purchase of 100% renewable energy and making their businesses as energy efficient as possible. "Green business practices are important to us personally," says Bob Benck, B & B's Green-Coffee Buyer, "and as a business they help set us apart from our competition. Of all that we do, buying Green Power is the easiest."

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Getting greener has a multiplier effect this year on Mercer Island


Mercer Island Tracker

The "Mercer Island Gets Green. . . One Hero at a Time" challenge is in full swing. In fact, Mercer Islanders have already met their original goal of reaching 650 total green power participants on the island by year-end – earning them $25,000 for a new solar array at their community center. Today, Islanders are setting their sights on a stretch goal to boost the grant to $30,000 total. All they need is another 100 homes or businesses to sign up.

A big part of the challenge's success is due to highly engaged community members on the planning committee. To take full advantage of the energy, the Green Power Program has added a twist: A pilot program benefiting local schools. Until the end of 2012 when new members enroll in the Green Power Program they can designate their favorite school on the island. In January, the PTSA with the most designations will get a $500 bonus to be used for the green initiative of their choice. This pilot program involving the schools is something we will make available to other school districts throughout our territory in 2013. In the meantime, keep up the good work Mercer Island!


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