PSE Green Power customer Ashley DeLancy - Thurston County.

Local, Clean Energy for a Few Dollars a Month

When you choose Green Power for your home or business, you’re supporting clean energy from renewable sources like wind, biogas and sun. Yes, sun.

The Pacific Northwest is actually a great place to go solar. Never mind the permacloud: we get more hours of sunlight than Germany, the world’s largest solar power producer, and solar panels operate very efficiently in our cool climate. This year, Green Power is working to add more solar power sources, both in our program portfolio and in your community.

The Green Power Program also purchases renewable energy generated by wind, landfill gas and agricultural waste. When you make your contribution of $4 to $12 a month, PSE buys clean energy on your behalf from independent producers in our region. Your commitment to purchase green power makes it possible for these energy innovators to secure funding, sustain their businesses and create jobs—making a brighter, cleaner future for everyone.

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How the Program Works

The program is voluntary, requires no contracts, and you can cancel at anytime. Signing up is easy. It costs as little as $4 more per month above standard utility rates to offset a portion of your electricity, $10-12 to offset 100 percent of the average homes’ usage.

PSE does not make a profit from the Green Power Program. All revenue goes back to further support independent resource projects and grow voluntary demand for cleaner energy options.

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