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Comprehensive Building Tune-Up Program

  • Incentives for the existing building commissioning process
  • Investments with less than a two year payback

» Eligibility and participation in the Comprehensive Building Tune-Up program

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Tuning–up existing systems is the most cost effective way to save energy.

Changes in occupancy and use can challenge the original operation of building systems. System settings and changes made to address small problems and comfort issues can create inefficiencies that impact your energy bill.

Building owners and managers can take advantage of PSE’s Comprehensive Building Tune-Up program which offers funding to evaluate the operation of existing building systems and identify cost-effective energy-efficiency recommendations. Using the existing building commissioning process, this program helps you make your existing buildings more energy efficient without any major capital expense.

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How it works

There are 9 phases in the program with Pre-Screen and Assessment cost covered up to 100%:

  1. Pre-Screen – PSE determines if commissioning (CX) and program fit your building or campus
  2. Assessment – CX Provider does building walk-through and simple analysis to see if significant low-cost operational savings are likely
  3. Investigation – CX Provider physically inspects and tests operational efficiency of systems
  4. Recommendations – CX Provider supplies list and analysis of energy efficient improvements
  5. Implementation – Owner makes recommended improvements with 2 years or less payback
  6. Verification – CX Provider tests to make sure improvements are working
  7. Facility Guide & Training – O&M staff participate for up to 50 hours and receive training, a facility guide and energy tracking methods to help maintain savings
  8. Incentive – get paid for most of CX Provider’s costs!
  9. Performance Incentives – get bonus, up to 100% of the remaining commissioning costs, if improvements are still in place and 1st year savings targets are met

How it benefits

  • 7-20% lower energy use with improvements
  • 2 years or less return on investment
  • Increases occupant comfort
  • Improves ENERGY STAR® Rating
  • Better understanding of your building systems
  • Get tools and training to help keep your building operating efficiently
  • On-site review by commissioning and energy experts
  • Up to 100% of commissioning costs covered
  • PSE-approved Commissioning Providers

How to participate

For non-residential buildings or campuses 50,000 square feet or greater, submit an application today to have a PSE Engineer determine whether your building is a good candidate. Contact a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482 or look on