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Commercial kitchen equipment rebates

Cooking and sanitation, a restaurant's most essential functions, make up more than half of your energy consumption. That's why it's the first place to look when you want to cut your monthly utility bill. By installing energy-efficient equipment, restaurants use less energy while saving money on utilities for the life of the equipment.

Get up to $2,000 in rebates on qualifying equipment and start saving today.

Cooking equipment Electric Natural gas
Double rack ovens » -- $2,000
Combi-ovens » $1,000 $2,000
Convection ovens » $500 - $2,000 $500 - $2,000
Conveyor ovens » -- $2,000
Connectionless steamers » $250 - $500 $250 - $500*
Fryers » $250 $500*
Refrigerator equipment
Ice makers 100 to 500 lbs of ice harvest per day capacity » $100 --
Ice makers >500 lbs of ice harvest per day capacity » $300 --
Water heating
Qualified 92% efficient (or better) condensing water heater » -- $800
Qualified 92% efficient (or better) condensing boiler » -- $1,500
Dishwashers » $150 - $1,500 dependent on unit $150 - $1,500* dependent on unit

*Customers in city of Seattle not eligible for this rebate due to City of Seattle Energy Code.

Download the Commercial Kitchen 1-pager.

Cooking equipment

Efficient double rack ovens: $2,000

Rack ovens offer high-volume production and even baking in a relatively compact footprint. Learn more!

Efficient combination ovens: $1,000 - $2,000

The combination oven (often referred to as combi-ovens) can cook food in a dry-heat only mode, steam only mode, or a combination of both. Learn more!

Efficient convection ovens: $500 - $2,000

Convection ovens are the most common alternative to general bake ovens. Learn more!

Efficient conveyor ovens: $2,000

Continuous conveyor ovens offer faster and more even cooking, resulting in less energy used. Learn more!

Connectionless steam cookers: $250 - $500

Standard boiler-based steam cookers require water to be heated the entire time the equipment is on. Learn more!

Fryers: $250 - $500

ENERGY STAR qualified fryers are up to 25 percent more efficient than standard efficiency fryers. Learn more!

Refrigerator equipment

Ice Machines: $100 - $300

Some water utilities also give rebates for qualified ice machines in addition to the rebate from PSE. Learn more!

Water heating

Condensing natural gas water heaters or boilers in full-service restaurants water heaters: $800 - $1,500

Condensing water heaters and boilers are designed to recover energy that normally would travel up the flue and into the air outside. Learn more!

Dishwashers: $150 - $1,500

Some water utilities also give rebates for qualified dishwashers in addition to the rebate from PSE. Learn more!


PSE's non-residential customers that purchase and install qualified equipment in a facility using energy supplied by PSE. For details about the rebate, call a PSE Energy Advisor Monday through Friday, 8 am. to 5 p.m., at 1-800-562-1482.

*PSE customers in City of Seattle are not eligible for all rebate items. See table above for details.

How to participate

Step 1. Purchase and install qualified equipment for your commercial kitchen »

Step 2. Complete the installation »

Step 3. Submit your application for payment »

PSE reserves the right to inspect installations for compliance prior to payment.

Funding availability is subject to annual program budgets.

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