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​Custom New Construction Grant Programs

Building a new facility, or expanding an existing one? Grants and rebates are available for up to 100 percent of the incremental costs for many high-efficiency electric and natural gas applications. Whether you're building a new facility or involved in a major remodel, Puget Sound Energy will provide you with useful information, recommendations, referrals, and specifications on available grants and rebates.

Contact us early in the planning or design phase of a new construction project to maximize your opportunity for incentives. Unfortunately, if you wait until the design development or construction phase of a project, we may be unable to provide you with incentives for energy efficiency.

How to qualify

To qualify, projects must exceed efficiency levels prescribed in applicable energy codes by at least 10 percent for electricity savings measures, and exceed code for natural gas measures. There are several approaches utilized to determine incentives for your project. Contact a PSE Energy Management Engineer to discuss what funding approach is best suited to your project. Below are funding options:

Funding approach Incentive
Whole-building custom approach
This approach is generally for large, complex buildings and is based on the integrated design principle. Owners utilize energy-simulation tools to evaluate the energy performance of the proposed building compared to the energy code. The incentives are:
  • $0.60 to $1.80/sq. ft. for 10% to 30% energy-efficiency improvements compared to the energy code
  • Buildings exceeding the energy code by 11% to 29% will receive a prorated incentive
Projects heated with natural gas from other providers are eligible for half the incentive and must improve both electric and total building energy use above the 10% threshold.
Component prescriptive approach (rebates)
Rebates are standardized incentives available for various technologies and end uses. An updated rebate list is available here or by calling a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482.
Component custom approach
Incentives up to 100% of the incremental cost for improvements in energy efficiency are provided for individual measures. The grant is determined using energy savings estimates and incremental measure cost data.
Energy-efficiency building commissioning
Incentives for third-party post occupancy building commissioning are up to $0.25/sq. ft. Building construction commissioning must be completed per Code. Additional Incentives typically cover 100% of the cost of the post-occupancy phase commissioning. Contact PSE in schematic design to maximize incentives and benefits.

We'll work with your planning, design and development team to propose cost-effective efficiency upgrades. In addition to PSE's up-front funding, there's an opportunity to lower ongoing operating cost projections, which could help you obtain favorable financing rates.

Projects qualify when they use

  • Innovative HVAC systems or system components, including evaporative assist cooling and heat recovery
  • Control systems to optimize savings of new efficient technologies
  • Day lighting to allow for high quality, energy-efficient lighting and improved productivity in the space

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