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Business Lighting Incentive Program

PSE's Business Lighting Incentive program provides incentives to PSE commercial customers converting older inefficient lighting to new efficient lighting. Lighting equipment covered by the program includes LED lamps, fluorescent lamp and ballast combinations, fixture conversion kits, new fixtures, and lighting controls.

2015 Commercial Rebate Program Changes

Thank you for your continued commitment to energy efficiency. As we prepare for 2015, and with adjustments to market conditions, there will be several revisions to our commercial energy efficiency rebate programs which will be effective Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015. Please note that these measures need to be installed on or after Jan. 1, 2015 in order to be eligible for the program rebates, unless noted otherwise. More »

The Business Lighting Incentive program requires Pre-Approval by PSE before the retrofit is started.

The forms below will allow you to apply for a PSE Business Lighting Incentive and check your eligibility to take advantage of the "no Pre-Approval" Business Lighting Express Option.

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What is the Business Lighting Incentive for existing buildings?

  • Projects are required to be submitted to PSE for pre-approval before any of the work has been done.
  • Per item rebates: there are a limited number of basic lighting upgrades rebated on a per item basis.
  • Custom Lighting Retrofits are paid up to $0.20/kWh saved with a cap of 50% of the installed cost. (Updating Jan. 1, 2015)
  • Projects that qualify as Enhanced Lighting Projects are paid up to $0.30/kWh saved with a cap of 70% of the installed cost.

Express Option

You may be eligible for the Express Option if you have a small project that uses only Basic Lighting Upgrades listed in the "per item rebates" section of the application form.

  • Projects are NOT required to be submitted to PSE for Pre-Approval before any of the work has been done.
  • Only Basic Lighting Upgrades (pre-defined lighting upgrades rebated on a per item basis) may be used.
  • The total PSE Incentive is less than or equal to $3,000 (only $3,000 will be paid for projects submitted over $3,000).
  • You have NOT applied for an Express Option rebate this calendar year.

What is your Project Type?

If unsure of your project type or which Business Lighting program option to choose call an Energy Advisor Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1-800-562-1482.

New Building

Visit one of the below links for more information. Do not fill out the Business Lighting Incentive program application.

Existing building

Fill out the Business Lighting Incentive Program application one of three ways and submit to:

* Multi-family applies to common areas of a campus or building with 5 or more attached dwelling units.

Business Lighting Incentive Program application

Who qualifies?

PSE offers funding to commercial and industrial electric customers who install cost-effective, energy-efficiency measures for equipment or facilities supplied with energy by PSE.

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The customer is solely responsible for meeting all applicable Washington State recycling requirements, including proper disposal of linear, compact fluorescent, HID lamps and ballasts, and other hazardous waste.


PSE reserves the right to inspect any project at any phase of completion, from receipt of initial application through project completion and prior to release of incentive payment, and does on a regular basis. Customers must not unduly or unreasonably limit PSE's ability to conduct any such inspections. Rebates that do not require pre-approval (Business Express) must be completed prior to rebate submission. PSE reserves the right to adjust the rebate amount based on inspection results.

Download the Business Lighting Incentives 1-pager.