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Comprehensive Building Tune-Up (CBTU) Program

Tuning–up existing systems is the most cost effective way to save energy.

Incentives for Optimizing Existing Building Systems

At Puget Sound Energy, we believe that cost-effective and substantial energy savings can be achieved through improved operation and maintenance (O&M) of a wide variety of non-residential buildings. That is why we offer financial incentives to building owners who engage in our Comprehensive Building Tune-Up program for optimizing existing building systems.

What is a Building Tune-Up?

A Building Tune-Up is a systematic process for investigating, analyzing and optimizing the energy performance of a building's systems. It focuses on the operation of the building, its mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls, and helps them to perform interactively to achieve energy savings and improve occupant comfort.

Why is a Building Tune-Up Necessary?

Over time, changes in occupancy and function can challenge the operation of original building systems. A building's mechanical and electrical systems often become less efficient as the building ages and experiences change. Small problems, lack of maintenance, outdated operational approaches or errors in equipment settings can create inefficiencies that result in higher costs for utility bills, repairs and maintenance.

What is the difference between PSE's Custom Retrofit Grants and CBTU program?

Retrofits for energy-efficiency involve replacing outdated or inefficient equipment. Comprehensive Building Tune-Up, on the other hand, focus on improving the operational efficiency of what is already in place, meaning that efficiency can be achieved with no major capital expense for the building owner.

PSE's Comprehensive Building Tune-Up program serves PSE customers with buildings or campuses 50,000 square feet or greater.

The program offers financial incentives for owners who participate in the optimization of existing building systems as well as ideas for cost-effective energy efficient retrofits that might be eligible for other PSE incentive/rebate programs.

Comprehensive Building Tune-Up Elements (more details – how to participate) »

  • Save 7-20% of whole building energy use
  • Existing building commissioning process
  • Comprehensive on-site review of systems
  • List of low-cost/no cost and capital energy-efficiency improvements
  • Analysis and tracking of energy usage
  • PSE-approved Commissioning Providers
  • Facility Guide
  • Hands-on training for O&M staff
  • Incentive for Commissioning costs
  • Performance incentives

Download the Comprehensive Building Tune Up brochure