Re-Energize Your Home with Carbon Balance

You decide how much of your carbon you want to offset

For as little as $4 per month, you can participate in PSE’s Carbon Balance Program and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Pacific Northwest. Residential customers can purchase carbon offset blocks at $4 each, added to your monthly natural gas bill. One block is equivalent to removing 400 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment. The average residential customer can make their natural gas use carbon neutral for $8 month.
Sign Up Your Home 

Signing up for Carbon Balance is easy—just call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, and we’ll help you come up with the participation level that is right for you. Or you can sign up right now below.

PSE does not make a profit on the Carbon Balance Program.

Carbon Balance Program sign up form

NOTE: PSE's Carbon Balance Program is available to natural gas customers only.

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