Flood Safety

Puget Sound and area rivers and lakes are all part of what makes the Pacific Northwest so beautiful. However they are also the source of major flooding when storms hit our region. If you live in a low-lying area near a body of water, you may be in a flood zone. Follow these tips to keep you and your family safe.

  • Don't touch appliances.
  • Stay out of flooded basements.
  • If you smell a natural gas odor, or suspect a leak, leave the area immediately and call 911. Then call PSE at 1-888-225-5773.
  • If duct work in a crawl space is full of water, do not turn the furnace back on until the ducts are dry.
  • Always stay clear of power lines.
  • Stay out of flooded basements – energized wiring or outlets below the water line may pose a hazard.
  • If your natural gas furnace shuts down because of flooding, shut off the electric supply to the furnace until the water recedes and ducts are dry.
  • Notify us if flooding causes water levels to cover your gas meter. We will need to check the meter and regulator before any gas appliance can be used.
  • If you have to evacuate your home or building as the result of a flood, we recommend that you shut off your gas and electricity, only if you can do so safely. This may prevent damage to your gas and electric appliances.
  • Call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 to schedule a service-check for your natural gas appliances after they have dried out and the area around the affected appliances has been cleaned.