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Puget Sound Energy reliability project

West Kitsap enhanced tree pruning pilot

Fall 2012 project complete
  • Tree work began in early April 2012 and was completed in late October 2012. Routine maintenance was also completed in the area in December 2012 (this work was outside of the enhanced pruning pilot).


    Project overview
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    Historically, trees have been the number one cause of electric outages in Kitsap County. In an effort to decrease these outages, PSE piloted a tree trimming project in the Chico, Seabeck, Crosby and Holly areas of Kitsap County.

    Customers in these areas are served by a 54-mile-long power line that runs through dense forested areas. Historically, the power line has been one of the least reliable in PSE’s service territory, with the majority of power outages caused by trees and branches coming in contact with the line. As a result, our customers experienced frequent and lengthy tree-related outages. Because of this, PSE identified this area for a pilot program aimed at reducing outages through a new tree pruning technique.

    The pilot program was based on the results of an independent study of PSE’s vegetation management system and was monitored by certified arborists. The enhanced pruning technique expands the buffer between trees and power lines by removing all overhanging branches above the lines, sometimes called “lines to sky” pruning (see graphic of “normal” versus “enhanced” tree pruning). The focus of the pruning was on certain tree species with a tendency for branch failure, including Douglas Firs, Big Leaf Maples, Black Cottonwoods and Red Alders. The pilot program complemented PSE's planned regular maintenance pruning and hazard tree removal in the area.

    Tree crews in bucket trucks and safety personnel worked along side neighborhood roadways in the following areas:

    • Seabeck Highway Northwest from approximately Northlake Way Northwest to Northwest Holly Road,
    • Northwest Holly Road to Seabeck Holly Road Northwest,
    • Seabeck Holly Road Northwest to Tekiu Road Northwest,
    • Peter Hagen Road Northwest, Lewis Road Northwest, Lake Tahuyeh Road Northwest and Northwest Wildcat Lake Road
    (See project map for locations.)


    Videos on Tree Trimming

    Play these videos explaining the importance of tree pruning to minimize tree-related power outages for our customers, and describing the difference between PSE's normal and enhanced tree pruning practices.

    Want to know more?

    If you have any questions about PSE's vegetation management process or policies please call 1-888-225-5773 or visit our vegetation management section on

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    Final project notice, November 2012
    Project notice, March 2012
    Project fact sheet
    Project map
    Project timeline map
    Normal versus enhanced tree pruning graphic - Conifer
    Normal versus enhanced tree pruning graphic - Deciduous