King County and PSE, an Energetic Duo

King County has a proud past and promising future, and we're proud to be a part of it.

Vintage Powerlines in Seattle

Power to the people

  • Half of all of our natural gas and electric customers are in King County - the 14th largest county in the nation.
  • In 2009 you and your neighbors prevented more than 195 million pounds of carbon from being released into the environment by by taking advantage of our energy-efficiency and Green Power programs.
  • King County residents, the Hall family, won our Be an Energy Rock Star contest.
  • More than 8,200 PSE residential customers attended our Rock the Bulb events and exchanged 76,962 incandescent bulbs for high-efficiency CFL bulbs.
  • More than 80 grocers in King County have participated in the Energy Smart Grocer program that provides grocers with energy audits and information about efficient technologies, operations and management and shows them how to increase energy efficiency in their stores.

Doing our part

  • Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Project Plant 1 constructed more than 270 feet underground in 1898, is the world's only subterranean power generating facility.
  • A Puget Sound Energy's predecessor company provided both electric and telephone service to the Vashon Island in the early half of the 20th century; the telephone business was sold in 1945.
  • Gas Works Park in Seattle is home to the remnants of the last remaining coal gasification plant in the US. Owned by one of our predecessor companies, the structures are industrial archaeological examples, and the last remaining structures of this type of technology.
  • We were a major contributor and driving force behind the creation of the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. The Mercer Slough is the largest urban wetland in the United States.
  • Vashon Island was one of the first communities in Puget Sound to receive electricity via submarine cable installed between Des Moines and the island in the late 1920s
  • King County and PSE joined forces at the Cedar Hills Landfill to turn the public's garbage into natural gas. The third-largest landfill-gas energy project in the nation, Cedar Hills methane can generate the equivalent output of a modern and efficient 35-megawatt, gas-fired power plant.
  • PSE participated in the Chamber Advisory Committee to recruit both Emerald Downs and the SuperMall to the City of Auburn.

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