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Puget Sound Energy transmission line project

Energize Eastside

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Project updates
  • ​In January 2014 PSE began a robust public engagement process to select a route to construct approximately 18 miles of electric transmission lines from Redmond to Renton.
  • ​PSE is convening a Community Advisory Group to consider community values when evaluating route options. Community Advisory Group meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend and observe.
  • Construction is expected to begin in 2017.
  • ​To learn more about the project and get involved:
Project overview

Growth is straining the region’s electric transmission system. Growth studies project that demand for reliable power will exceed capacity as early as 2017. This doesn't mean the lights will go out, but without substantial electrical infrastructure upgrades and aggressive conservation efforts, there is a greater possibility of outages for Eastside customers.

The Energize Eastside project will bring new higher capacity electric transmission lines to the Eastside. The new lines will provide more dependable power for all Eastside communities for many years to come and will ensure the Eastside's power system can continue to support the area's dramatic growth.

These aren't the sort of electric distribution lines that you see serving the homes in your neighborhood; these will be electric transmission lines. These lines have a larger capacity than distribution lines and transmit enough electricity to serve entire cities.

The new electric transmission lines will extend from an existing substation in Redmond to one in Renton. We won't know the exact route until we've completed a robust public engagement process, which is currently underway. This process will ensure the project is done in a responsible manner. Read more about the project here.