In Your Community

Keeping you Informed

From major construction projects to community events and more, look to the community sections listed on the left for ongoing local neighborhood updates and information. We’re committed to keeping you informed.

April Showers

Wild flowers adorn our Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility every spring. You can view the natural beauty of Kittitas County and learn about clean energy when you visit our Renewable Energy Center.

History in the Making

PSE has been an integral part of the growth in the Pacific Northwest for more than 135 years. Check out the Fast Facts page in your area to see how we’ve been working with your community.

Winds of Change

PSE built its first large wind farm in Southeast Washington in 2005, and since has gone on to become the largest utility producer of wind power in the Pacific Northwest. Check out how we’re generating clean energy from the wind.

Community Matters

Over the years we’ve supported charities that enhance the quality of life in our communities. We’ve also distributed millions of dollars in energy efficiency grants and rebates. See how we’re making a difference by clicking on your area to the left and exploring PSE Cares.