Combined Gas & Electric page 1


1. Account Number

A 10-digit number unique to each PSE customer account. Use this number when requesting account information, paying your bill, or when contacting customer service, via telephone or online, for billing questions and service requests.

2. Billing Date

The date of your billing statement. Your bill will show charges accumulated up to this date.

3. Account Summary

A snapshot view of your account since your last bill, which shows your previous balance from your last statement, payments received, and your current total amount due.

4. Statement Due Date

The date when payment for your current charges is due. Any previous balances, listed under balance forward, are considered past due. The original due dates for these balances can be found on previous PSE bills.

5. Bill Message

Provides monthly rate change information. Explains changes or additions to your bill.

6. Electric Detail

Provides detailed information about your electric charges, including your total energy usage in kWh (kilowatt hours), meter number, current and previous meter reads and read dates. An explanation of billing statement codes, shown under the “Code” heading, can be found on the back of your bill.

7. Itemized Electric Charges

Each electric charge or credit is displayed as a separate line item, to help you see how your current electric charges were calculated. Each line item specifies the type of charge, a date range showing when that rate was in effect, and the cost or credit of each rate.

7a. Basic Charge

Covers a portion of the costs for billing, meter reading and other related fixed customer service charges. These fixed system costs do not vary with the amount of energy used or the number of days covered by the bill. You pay the basic charge even if no electricity is used.

7b. Energy Charge

Covers the price of power PSE purchases or generates for you. Also covers costs associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of electric lines, substations, transformers, and other equipment necessary for the delivery of electricity to you, and is based on the amount of electricity used.

7c. Program Charges, Adjustments, Credits, Trackers

Cover specific surcharges, credits or tracked rate adjustments not included in the basic or energy charges.

8. Split Bill

When a rate has been changed or added in the middle of a billing period, we list your itemized charges in a separate section, to help you see what’s changed and how it’s affected your overall electric total.

9. Payment Stub (Remittance)

Detach and return this stub with your payment.