Keeping the Power On

We provide our customers with safe and reliable energy service. We are ready with crews, procedures and materials to respond to outages, make repairs and restore service.

We’re in tune with Mother Nature

We track the weather. If a major storm or flood is likely, we strategically place crews and equipment in case they need to be dispatched to affected areas.

If your power is out, contact us at 1-888-225-5773 (select menu option #1) or log in to report an outage.

When the lights go out

  1. We quickly assess the damage and send crews out to make repairs and restore power.
  2. We focus on first restoring power to high-voltage transmission lines that allow us to get power to large numbers of customers in a geographic area. Priority restoration also goes to essential services such as hospitals.
  3. PSE crews then focus on repairing damage to distribution and service lines – the lines that directly serve homes and businesses.

After an outage

Even after weather conditions improve and power has been restored to as many customers as possible, some isolated locations or temporary repairs may require attention. We remain on duty until all customers have their power safely restored.

Learn more

Read about how power gets restored.

Answering Your Questions

In this video, PSE's Greg Zeller, director of engineering, answers some of the most common questions we get on Twitter, Facebook, and at our call center regarding outages.