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How to use PSE Service Alert Information

City view or ZIP Code view: What's the difference?

The City view shows the location by city and the relative size of power outages at a glance.

The ZIP view provides continuously updated information on the status of PSE's power-restoration efforts in a given area (identifiable by ZIP code).

Outages in isolated areas

Some power outages may be in isolated areas with fewer than 25 customers. Technology constraints prevent us from displaying these outages on the map.

Restoration Status

The ZIP view displays the status of PSE repair efforts for specific circuits, located by ZIP code:

  • "Assessment/mobilization" means crews are investigating the cause and extent of damage in a given location and are dispatching personnel and equipment to the site.
  • "Repairs under way" means crews are now fixing an area's damaged equipment.
  • "Repairs completed" means power has been restored.

Circuits and ZIP codes: Why multiple results can occur for a ZIP-code search

Electricity is provided to cities and neighborhoods through many distinct "circuits" of distribution lines. In some communities, a single utility circuit may span more than one ZIP-code area, while in other places, a single ZIP code may contain several different utility circuits.

If your ZIP-code area includes several circuits affected by the outage, the map and search results will display your ZIP code multiple times - in order to show the repair status for each different circuit within your ZIP code.

If a circuit affected by the outage serves your ZIP code area, your ZIP code will be displayed with the circuit's repair status information -- but that does not necessarily mean that your service has been affected, as your home or business may be served by a different circuit within the same ZIP code.

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