Consumer electronics account for 15 percent of the average household energy use, and we expect that amount could triple over the next 20 years with all the new devices that constantly come into the marketplace.

As technology evolves for household electronics, the options for energy efficient models continue to improve, and many now come with features designed to save you energy and lower your bill and carbon footprint. These super energy-efficient televisions and other electronics are on the cutting edge of technology and perform as well as or better than less efficient electronics.

The "Energy Forward" label, created by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) in partnership with Northwest utilities, ENERGY STAR® and select retailers, offers consumers a new way to find the most efficient electronics on the market today. Only the most efficient ENERGY STAR products qualify for an Energy Forward label. 
Energy Forward

A bright orange Energy Forward button and signage in participating stores make it easy to find the most energy-efficient televisions. A complete list of qualifying energy-efficient electronics is also available.

Televisions with the Energy Forward label are at least 30 percent more efficient than what is required to meet ENERGY STAR standards. A TV labeled with the orange Energy Forward button is guaranteed to be the most efficient and technologically advanced TV available, engineered to use less energy, be better for the environment, and save you money.

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