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Renewable Energy Advantage: Eligibility and Guidelines

Electric customers who have installed approved and inspected solar PV arrays, wind turbines or anaerobic digesters on their own property and who are currently under an interconnection agreement with PSE or receive electric service from PSE are eligible.

Washington state residents, businesses, and local government agencies are eligible. Washington state agencies and the federal government are not eligible to participate.

After a customer installs such a system and has it approved, inspected and is interconnected to the PSE distribution grid, they can apply to the Washington state Department of Revenue for certification of "Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Certificate." Once certified, the customer can complete either Electric Schedule 150 Attachment B or Electric Schedule 150 Attachment EZ depending on your service and system size. Scan and email the completed form to PSE. Renewal applications must be renewed annually and be received by August 1 of each year.

The maximum annual incentive payment, to which customers are entitled, is $5,000. Only Washington state residences whose property is in Washington state are eligible for the incentives.

Only single entities are eligible; e.g.; a cooperative, comprised of 30 individuals may receive incentives, although each individual may not. As another example, a Washington State resident may own personal property and a business with two locations:

If there are solar PV systems installed on this person's home and on one of the business locations, the customer is eligible for two incentive payments. One for the residence (one unique tax id No.) and one for the businesses. Even if there are two building with renewable energy systems installed—if they are both under the same business Tax ID number—only one incentive payment can be made for that business.

Click here to read the Electric Schedule 151 Tariff, for a complete outline of the REAP rules.