Green Power Report - Winter 2013

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Community Challenge Highlights
Solar Power Isn’t Just for the Sunbelt States
Solar Power Video
2013 Preview
What is Next for Community Challenges?
Green Power Rewards Re-Energized
Green Power Program Numbers


Community Challenge Highlights

Mercer Island more than met their Gets Green goal – in fact they nearly doubled it. Congratulations Mercer Island!

Mercer Island - EPA Green Power Community

Mercer Island became the third EPA Green Power Community in Washington State – joining Lacey and Bellingham in the designation.

Bruce Bassett and Jason Van Nort

Mayor Bruce Bassett accepts the $30,000 check from PSE’s Jason Van Nort.

Community Schools and Associations Awarded

Community schools and associations were awarded $2,360 in bonuses for use on green programs for their participation in the challenge.


Solar Power Isn’t Just for Sunbelt States

Despite its meteorological shortcomings, the Pacific Northwest is becoming a bright spot for solar.

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Solar Works


Hear from one of our Pacific Northwest experts about how solar does work in our region, even West of the Cascades.



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2013 Preview

2013 Preview2012 marked the ten year anniversary of the Green Power Program. Over our ten, now eleven, years we have been continuously among the top programs in the United States – and we could not do it without program participants, like you. Thank you! Looking ahead to 2013 the number 10 continues to mean something special for our program: this year we plan to increase the percentage of solar power in our portfolio with the goal of 10 percent by 2014. That means, in 2014, when you look at our portfolio pie chart the solar wedge will be bigger – ten times bigger!

How will we do this? Over the next year, please watch our website and Facebook page for updates as we start connecting with more solar.  

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What Is Next for Community Challenges

Community Challenges2012 Each year, the Green Power Program challenges communities to increase their adoption of renewable energy. As a reward for meeting their community goal, over the past five years we have granted over $150,000 to build solar demonstration projects in Bellingham, Olympia, Lacey, Whidbey Island, Vashon, and most recently Mercer Island. Demonstration projects such as these increase awareness of renewable energy options, contribute to the host site’s power needs, and become destinations for local schools where students can learn more about the future of energy.

This year we are taking on our biggest community challenge effort to date: five communities! Each community will have its own participation goal and chance to earn a $20,000 grant for a solar demonstration project in their town. Then they will compete among the five to earn a stretch award of an additional $20,000! We are excited to have the opportunity to bring solar to so many communities this year! Want to know which five cities are participating? Follow this story on Facebook – we will announce in the next few weeks.  

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Green Power Rewards Re-Energized

With PSE Green Power Rewards are now available via a mobile application for Apple and Android devices. We hope that this will make using your coupons, and supporting green powered businesses, easier and more convenient. 

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Green Power by the Numbers (as of December 2012)

Green Power Participation

Top Cities​
948 Businesses​ 1. Olympia – 4329​ 4. Kirkland – 1609​
34,014 Residents​ 2. Bellingham – 4186​ 5. Redmond – 1314​
34,962 Total​
3. Bellevue – 2208​

Total kilowatt hours (kWh) of green power purchased January to December 2012:

365,795,536 – up 7 percent from the same period in 2012
Expense breakdown for 2012*

 Expense Breakdown for 2012

*All revenue goes back into PSE’s Green Power Program, as required by law. .


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PSE's Green Power Program and Green-e Energy 
PSE’s Green Power Program is Green-e Energy Certified

Green-e Energy certifies that PSE's Green Power Program meets the minimum environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements, call 1-888-63-GREEN or log on to