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Host a bulb recycling collection box

If your business uses LED, CFL or incandescent lighting, old and burned-out bulbs can accumulate if not properly handled. Request a free, on-site bulb recycling collection box from PSE to make it easier for your business to reduce waste and protect our environment.

What you get

If you qualify for this program, we'll send you a free PSE bulb recycling collection station kit, including:

  • A bulb recycling collection box with prepaid return shipping label.
  • Setup and packaging instructions.
  • Cleanup kit for broken CFL bulbs.
  • Informational materials for your employees about bulb recycling.

How to qualify

To be eligible to host a PSE bulb recycling collection box:

  • Your business site must be within PSE's electric service area.
  • You must designate a point person to set up the collection box and educational materials, distribute promotional handouts and keep PSE updated on your company's progress.

How to apply

To apply to host a bulb recycling collection box, complete and submit the form below.

If you have any questions about bulb recycling, send an email to