Electric fuel vehicles

Washington State has a goal of 50,000 electric vehicles on roadways by 2020 (WSDOT). As technology improves and charging infrastructure becomes available, electric vehicles are a compelling transportation option. Puget Sound Energy just concluded a successful Level 2 charger rebate program in 2017 and is working on new measures to support electric vehicles throughout our service territory.


Charging at home

Charging at home can be a simple as connecting your EV to a standard 120-volt outlet. For faster charging a Level 2 (240-volt) charging station reduces the time needed for charging, ensuring you’ll have a full battery when charging overnight. The monthly cost for home charging can range from $20-100 per month depending on daily drive distance.

Level 2 charging stations are four to six times faster than using a standard home outlet, but their higher electrical capacity also requires the installation of a dedicated circuit. Contact a licensed electrician or certified specialist for installation.


Charging on the go

In addition to charging at home, public charging stations are available throughout the region. Visit afdc.energy.gov/locator/stations/ for a map of public charging stations.


The Level 2 Charger Rebate

Thank you all for your interest in the program. While we are still in the process of processing applications submitted prior to April 1st program end date, the PSE rebate program has come to a successful conclusion.

Have an electric vehicle question or feedback? Contact us at Electricvehicle@pse.com.
Or call an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482.