Re-Energize Your Home

Rebates and Ideas for Homes Built between 1960 and 1979​

If your home is between 30 and 40 years old, it could probably benefit from an upgrade to heating and water heating systems. Newer ENERGY STAR® qualified water heaters use 10 percent less energy than standard models. For homes heated with electricity, consider upgrading furnaces, baseboard and wall heaters to air-source heat pump systems, such as a ductless system. For homes heated with natural gas, choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified natural gas furnace could save 10 to 15 percent more energy than other basic models.

You can also improve the coziness of your home by weatherizing: adding insulation in your attic, floors and walls; improving your windows and sealing leaks. Many homes built before 1980 energy codes were in place may have thin, leaky windows and only one layer of wood between your comfort and the great outdoors. ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and appliance upgrades can help you save up to one-third on your energy bill each year, without sacrificing features, style or comfort.

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