Contractor at construction site using laptop

Get Started

Plan for success

Call Customer Construction Services at
1-888-321-7779 for information prior to the start of your new construction project:

  • Get help with estimating project costs
  • Find out if natural gas is available to your existing home or business

Be Prepared

For help with job-site preparation, check out our handbooks and brochures and demonstration videos about installation requirements and customer and PSE responsibilities.

Permits and inspections

If you're building or remodeling, you need to follow all federal, state and local codes and pass inspections before Puget Sound Energy can install an electrical or natural gas service to the home. Learn more

Altered service

For existing natural gas or electric service that requires modification or relocation of a service line or meter, including temporary removal and re-installation, please contact one of our representatives at 1-888-321-7779.

Apply for Utility Installation

Our team can help you select and complete the appropriate application to meet your construction and utility service needs. Contact us if you have questions about completing an application for your project.

Once the application is received, a PSE representative will contact you to explain rules about an electric or natural gas line extension and the natural gas construction costs that may apply.